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Release date: 18 Sep 2003


The 2003 debut album, Alcachofa, remains an ageless masterpiece, having given the world the polyrhythmic majesty of tracks like "Easy Lee" (whose bassline was inserted by Ricardo on the advice of his wife, who found the piece too simple), and the swirling hypnotic darkness of "Dexter".

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Release date: November 2007

Sei Es Drum

It was released on triple vinyl by Sei Es Drum, Ricardo Villalobos' own microhouse and minimal techno imprint. It was the label's first release. Despite its length, Sei Es Drum was marketed as an EP, and featured the full versions of several compositions featured on Villalobos' guest mix, Fabric 36. Like all of the releases on the Sei Es Drum label, Sei Es Drum was only released on vinyl.

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